Pop Rock Music in Different Eras

Artists like Elton John, Paul Mc Cartney and Peter Frampton created, catchy, mostly guitar based songs which were an upbeat variety of rock songs in the early 70s which were a subgenre of pop and rock songs. These songs popularly known as “Power Pop” had lyrical content which was secondary to the music in these songs. Pop rock is considered to have different roots and is more pronounced in the US than the UK. This genre synchronizes the totally different genres of pop and rock which are often considered to be cynically authentic and sincerely anti – commercial respectively.

As soon as the 1960s came to an end, different variations of rock music had already begun to come up by various bands of that decade. The ones who inculcated pop music with rock music were the creators of what is fondly called today as pop music. The greats and legends of music such as BOB DYLAN, PINK FLOYD, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE BEATLES and of course, THE ROLLING STONES experimented and mixed pop with rock only to create mega super duper hits such as Hey Jude, Billy Jean, Another Brick in the wall.

As is the nature of the universe, pop rock music like everything evolved and here is a look at pop rock music of different eras:-


Fondly remembered as the period of puberty for pop rock, this decade saw the greats of Billy Joel, Elton John, Bee Gees, Three Dog Night, among others. These bands and singers produced as termed by the Wikipedia singles-oriented sound with soul-influences.


This was the period which saw the likes of Stevie wonder, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Maddona, Billy Ocean and others rock the stage with their performances. Pop rock evolved even more with the oncoming of QUEEN who drifted from hard rock to pop rock and produced masterpieces such as WE WILL ROCK YOU. After the demise of Disco era of the 60s and 70s there was a noticeable void left in the music industry and it was during this period that pop rock began to be played in everyone’s Walkman.


This decade saw the fusion of punk rock with pop rock to create what is called today pop punk. This style of music which ruled all the charts during the period of 1990s was pioneered by Green Day and The Offspring. You can find hits of this period such as “American Idiot”, “Time of Your Life”, “Boulevard of broken dreams” still ruling the hearts of many and present in the iPods of many. In the later part of this period pop artists such as Shakira, Robbie Williams, Alanis Moiresette, and The cranberries top the billboard and other charts all over the world.


The 2000s era saw a drift from punk music to soft pop with the likes of Maroon 5, James Blunt, Jonas Brother, Avril Lavigne, Pink rule the chartbusters. You’re Beautiful”, “She will be loved”, “Girlfriend” were the notable hits of the period. The Billboard saw smashing hits in the pop rock genre during this period.

Pop Rock has evolved and is still evolving with each passing day. New bands are arising and are creating mega hits. This is the reason that despite half a century having been passed pop rock continues to make us dance to its tune and continues to rule our hearts.

List Of The Pop Rock Songs You Must Listen To Before You Die

From Elton John to Paul McCartney, from Peter Frampton to Rihanna POP ROCK has been referred to as an upbeat variety of rock music. It is music genre which mellows in light lyrics and the fast, hip, catchy pop style in it’s typically guitar based rock songs. It originated in the 1960’s in The United Kingdom and The United States and ever since has taken the world by rage. The main instruments used in playing pop rock are bass and electric guitars, drums, keyboards and synthesizers. These songs shifted from the mainstream rock genre and created different variations of the rock genre.

It’s been more than five decades since the origination of pop rock and still this music genre continues to produce music that are must have on your iPod. It is tough to select, say a top 10 or top 50 pop rock songs, because every single performer of pop rock is a legend be it Carly Simon, Rod Stewart, The Righteous Brothers or the KING of music “The Beatles and The Rolling stones”

Here are the top 5 pop rock songs that you must hear before you die –


This Pink Floyd is classic that remains in our hearts despite the passing of three decades since its release. This song was made as an effort against rigid schooling. A distinctive component of the song is the shouted orders and mocking statements by presumed teachers. The song became Pink Floyd’s only #1 pop single in the US and the UK.


This epic song from Bob Dylan is based on a short story that he wrote. The subject matter is arrant against excessive materialism. It unveils stunning poetry throughout Dylan’s material. It remains Bob Dylan’s Biggest Hit of all time.


The pulsing bass lines, the patrimonial accusations, Michael Jackson’s voice hiccups all this makes Billie Jean a must listen song of all time. It went straight to #1 and was a top 10 smash across Europe. Many consider “Billie Jean” to be the most prominent and most influential song on the bestselling album of all time Thriller.


This is the song, which turned Rolling Stones into superstars. The Rolling Stones topped the US chart for the first time with this song. It has all the key factors of a classic rolling Stone song from an arresting guitar introduction from Keith Richards as well as classic preening vocals from Mick Jagger. A must have on your iPod.


THE Best song ever in the history of pop rocks has to be Beatle’s Hey Jude. It sold eight million copies and stayed at the top for nine weeks at US chart and for 16 weeks at the UK chart, you just cannot die without listening to The Beatles singing this song.

Razz Poker

If you’re one of the many poker players on Golden Casino trying out some of the less populated poker variations in online poker rooms chances are you’ve seen Razz Poker being offered. Razz Poker if you don’t know is the same rules as seven card stud except the one difference which is your goal is to have the lowest hand and not the highest hand out of your opponents.

When you’re looking at your starting hand in Razz you should only play hands when you have three small valued cards in your hand. With four more cards coming you could also elect to play certain hands where you have two really small cards and one high card although it’s risky and you’ll be hoping you get some luck and hit three small cards out of the remaining four which isn’t likely. The only other times you should consider playing a hand without the above mentioned cards is when you have a low card showing and you try bluffing out your opponents to take the pot down. If your opponents are all showing high cards this might work although this can’t be your bread and butter move as people catch on.

Once you have elected to play a pot in Razz it’s a good idea to keep track of the cards involved in the hand so that you know your outs. For instance if you need a 3 to make your hand, but you can see all four of the 3’s in play then you know you aren’t going to get it. Many players don’t even look at the cards in play and end up paying for it when they don’t hit there hand and lose. As players fold there cards in Razz you need to try your best to keep track of what’s been folded so you know what cards are still out there. If you spend the time tracking cards during the hands you play I can guarantee you’ll do a lot better at the tables, as long as you use the information you’ve gained.

The last tip I’d like to share with you in this article today is chasing draws in Razz. For instance, if you have a 2-4-5-J in your hand on casino.com with three cards to come you’re going to need two low cards for a chance to win this pot. With only three cards to come your chances of hitting two low cards is slim and you shouldn’t call any bets chasing with this type of hand. Play only the premium hands you get because you’ll still end up getting paid off by the fish and you won’t waste money chasing cards.

You’ll find a lot of Razz players on Poker Stars.com who compete in online poker rooms are actually Holdem or Omaha players who are just trying out the game for fun. You can take advantage of this by playing the right hands and making the right bets during your session. Most of the players will make lose calls with marginal low hands so if you can win a few big pots you’ll be able to leave the table as a good sized winner depending on the stakes you’re playing.

Pop Rock Bands That Get the World Going Gaga Over Them

Pop rock music is an extremely popular genre of music, which developed during the 1960s and 1970s having their roots in the rock and roll of the 1940s and 1950s. Pop rock had wide appeal and was liked by large audiences as it stood in contrast to both modern and art music. This eventually led to the evolution of the Punk Rock genre; the punk bands created swift, hard edged music which had stripped down instrumentation and were short songs. There were a number of famous Pop rock bands which rose to the zenith of the music world some of which are listed below.

The Beatles – This English band from Liverpool was formed in the year 1962 and consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr and was the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed band in the history of pop music. The band worked in a number of genres ranging from popular ballads to psychedelic rock and spread an enormous popularity among its listeners which was known as Beatlemania.

Aerosmith – This American rock band was also referred to as The Bad Boys from Boston and had its roots in blues based hard rock but also created several pieces of music which incorporated elements of rhythm, heavy metal and pop. Formed in Boston, this band had Joe Perry as its guitarist, Tom Hamilton as the Bassist, Steven Tyler as the Singer and Joey Kramer as the drummer. They released several popular albums the first one though was named as “Get Your Wings” and was released in the year 1974.

Green day – This American Punk Rock band consists of Billie Joe Armstrong as the vocalist and guitarist, Mike Dirnt as bassist and backing vocalist and Tre Cool as the drummer and was formed in the year 1987. With the release of its album called Kerplunk this band achieved massive success and has sold over 65 million records worldwide with 24.65 in the US alone.

Eagles – Formed in Los Angeles, California in 1971, this American Rock band has Hotel California as the most successful song ever created by it and the album which featured this song, known as “Their Greatest Hits” sold over 42 million copies worldwide. Being the fifth highest selling music band in the US, it sold more music than any other band in America in the 1970s.

Pink Floyd – This English rock band achieved worldwide success with their work marked by the significant use of philosophical lyrics and crafted into the progressive and psychedelic rock genre. With over 200 million albums sold worldwide, they are one of the most commercially successful rock music bands of all time with a lot of influence over the rock music lovers. Originally consisting of students Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Syd Barett, this band was formed in the year 1965 and started becoming extremely popular in the late 1960s.

These bands created a raucous, underground rebellion against the then popular mainstream rock music and created their own versions of popular rock music which were widely appraised by the music lovers and created history breaking several music records.

How to incorporate music with poker for the best play

Some music clip choreographers mainly focus in ways that they can incorporate poker dynamics over to their music. These expert directors present successful efforts to direct the video as if two or more people are at the top of their wits trying to outperform each other. Music video choreographers usually blend in thesis and antithesis feel into the clip such that the end result would be what actually happens in poker rooms. The main characters should try to hide their personal information while taking advantage of what their opponents are revealing to them unknowingly. Music which follows such a structure must have a standard story line that’s relevant to the themes presented by the song music

The most basic poker-instigated art used for music naturally combines music tunes with several popular audio or visual aids. For instance, the dress code of certain music video characters can be used to convey the particular message that other action choreographers also convey. When it comes to real poker some casinos regularly play some music in the background to soothe players as they engage their minds. Also found in such centers are any of the 19 commercialized paintings that show several dogs engaged in poker. These subsidiary factors are used to make the aura comfortable for all poker players sat at the casino.

Researchers have found out that music has the capacity of stimulating mental activity and when played at the background it may give one necessary ideas that can help one win the game; particularly if the message of the song is about outwitting your competitors. In addition, one can also sharpen his/her brain waves through regular playing of music before registering to play the game. However, for those who are not blessed with ability to multitask listening to music while playing poker can be a great deterrence which can lead to loss of focus and eventual failure. For such individuals, their minds are only able to focus on one aspect at a go. If their thoughts are scattered, they will eventually become less productive and not win the game.

For others, concentrating on music can be a great substitute to the clamor which is quite common in casinos and bars. The nearby loudmouth, brew waitress or TV can cause major distraction for someone. When you play solid poker, one’s brain operates within the Beta radius which is often prone to distractions, but focusing on music can be a worthwhile substitute. Poker is certainly a mind sport which requires utmost mental preparation. Listening to good music while playing fosters production of alpha and also theta brainwaves which aid in providing enhanced intuition and relaxation which both lead to proper concentration for the best results.

Nevertheless, not all kinds of music are beneficial when it comes to playing poker. There are some with beats that are too noisy and can lead to immediate distraction. Some individuals carry headphones along with them while playing poker so as to further avert distractions and pay full attention to strategizing for a win.

Poker lessons from Kenny Rogers and Joseph Cada

Joseph Cada is a famous poker player. Cada won the world poker competition when he was only 23. Cada is also a successful investor in stocks. Cada’s success in stock trading while also succeeding in poker offers poker fanatics great lessons. Kenny Rogers on the other hand is a famous Country musician. In one of Kenny Rogers’s songs, one will get a very important poker lesson.

Kenny Rogers in his song gambler says the following words;” do not count your money while still at the table.” The table referred to in this song is the poker table. In this song, Kenny Rogers simply means that one should not brag after winning a particular game. Counting money while at the table is an act of bragging. It is like showing off to other players the much money one has made.

It is not that a big deal to count earnings while at the table. The main reason why this activity is discouraged is that one can lose money as fast as one has earned. This is the greatest poker lesson. Kenny Roger’s song offers the greatest poker lesson. This lesson is about not counting money while at the table because in poker it is easy to lose money just as it is easy to gain.

If a person brags about a winning one will be very embarrassed when one loses the money instantly in another minute. If one wants to brag, it is better to wait for the long run. In poker, the long run is more important than the short run.

A person, who has won a particular game, has no reason to brag. However, a person who has won a series of games has reason enough to brag. Approaching poker with short term gains in mind can make one to be a total failure in the game. One should approach this game with long term gains in mind. In the long run, one will have sharpened his skills and one will be able to win more games.

The poker lesson that can be derived from Joseph Cada’s life is that stock investing strategies can be used in playing poker. Joseph Cada has made it big in the poker world and also in the stock market. Many poker scholars have concluded that investing in stocks is very similar to playing poker.

To be successful with stocks, superb analytical skills are desired. These skills are also desired when playing poker here. An analytical mind is a mind which thinks intensively and looks at the various angles of a problem or an aspect. In poker, one needs to look at the various options at hand. A particular move in poker can be made in a number of ways. Proper analysis will help one to know how to make a particular move. This also applies to stocks.

The lesson from Kenny Roger’s song Gambler is that one should not brag after winning one game. If one has to brag, one should brag after winning a series of competitions. From Joseph Cada’s easy maneuvers between the poker world and the stock exchange, it is very clear that investing in stocks requires the same skills as playing poker.

How to Win At Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games around the world. With the advent of online poker casino the game has literally exploded in the past decade. While poker is a very old game, it’s never seen so many new players discovering at the same time. Poker is much more than just a card game. To succeed a player needs to have patience, people reading skills, and the ability to strategize. Learning the rules of playing poker is actually quite easy. Anyone can pick up the game in just a few hours. However, there is a big difference between being able to play poker and being able to win at poker.

One of the best things a new playsolidpoker.com player can do today is study the game. Watching poker programs is a great way to learn about playing poker. In these shows you can see how professional poker players play. Often times you can find programs featuring some of the best poker players in the world. By watching how they play you can discover some of the secrets that have led to the success enjoyed by the professionals. It’s also a good idea to observe players in tournament and regular stakes games. In a tournament the goal is to stay in the game and hopefully be the final winner. With a regular game the goal is to simply win as much money as possible. Players often employ different strategies in these types of games.

Thanks the Internet there are hundreds of sites that new players can turn for advice. Many of these sites not only offer tables to play on, but also have forums, message boards, or chat rooms for players to visit. Don’t be afraid to join in on the conversations being held in these areas. If you have a question about you’re game then ask. Poker players are often more than willing to help a new player learn the ropes.

When playing poker it’s essential to remain calm. Getting emotional at the table will only lead to mistakes and problems. If you’re upset you might fold a good hand or bet on a bad one. Playing emotionally will usually cause a player to lose. Stay calm, and keep your head in the game. Some players find that being quiet at the table is the best to help them remain calm and focused.

The most important piece of advice any poker needs to remember is that you never, ever gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. If you don’t have a set amount that you can risk then you might find that you’ve lost more than you could afford too. When this happens, players usually begin to desperate. They bet more and on riskier hands. If they win everything is great, but more often than not they continue to lose digging themselves into a deeper hole.

In the end the only way to really get good and start winning at poker is to actually play the game. Anyone that really wants to become a good poker player needs to play as much poker as they can, as often as they can. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Things you may need to do to win poker tournaments

Poker like other games produces winners and losers. I am sure that you would not want to lose in this game. To start with there is money at stake as well as your self-esteem. Tournaments are even worse because of the high amounts of money that may be at stake. However, it is important to note that winning poker games is not an easy thing. It takes patience as well as excellent strategies. Winning in poker tournaments can be done by the use of the following strategies-:

· Excellent planning- It is important that you plan the poker tournament well. This can be done by the use of the many daily tournaments that may be available in your locality. These come at affordable prices and therefore you could always show up in them and get the feel of the main tournament. It would be advisable that you start the game slow so that you can imbue the game as well as its structure. Chances are you will lose more times than you win in these daily tournaments. This is definitely no reason to stick out of the poker game. If you take in the lessons that come with losing the game you will be in a position to better your game. In this case therefore playing smaller games until you go on a winning streak is important. This actually encompasses the philosophy of the poker game as you will go to higher levels only when you have earned that position.

· While it is important that you play in the smaller games, you still could get a feel of the big ones through satellite tournaments. Shop around for the one with low entry fees. Still, the basic rules apply here. Ensure you are winning constantly prior to going to other levels on your way to the big tournament.

· Be realistic and smart- In poker30, all the players have equal number of chips. The whole objective is to have all of them by your side. It is definitely a herculean task but one thing that you will need to do is preserve yours. In this case, it would be advisable that you do not go after straights, flushes or big chunks until you have better winning chances. The whole essence of the game is that you push out the players. If you were to be caught off guard when risking your money you would either be crippled or even pushed off. To start off, win the small low risk pots. As you build on your chips, consider the conservation of yours while taking advantage of opportunities that abide. Maximizing your chip count is the whole essence.

· When in the middle rounds, you will be having a variety of sizes of chip stacks. You will need to increase the pace but still make the right decisions. You could deduce other player’s strategies by chatting them up and using the information to your advantage.

· Avoid the bubble boy by conserving the chips. Raise the blinds of the only when the peeps that are medium stacked have tightened up. Seize opportunities to steal from the weak players while giving the strong ones a wide berth until you have the capacity to do it.

How to spot troublesome starting hands in Poker

In poker if you are dealt with a troublesome hand it means there is a high propensity that you may end up losing quite a bit of money if you are not careful enough. However damage control can be optimized in a troublesome hand by not leading it in to a monster hand. The tactic here is to stick with the hand as long as it takes trying to drag it on and hope that your opponents are dealt with even weaker hands. In a nutshell, a trouble hand can be referred to a hand that looks great at first glance but as the game progress would take a player deeper in to trouble.

Spotting trouble hands is a technique that has to be mastered with time and which calls for particular attention from novice poker players who inevitably have trouble identifying a trouble hand at the starting point. Matters are not helped by natural human tendencies and when a player is not willing to admit a mistake even to them. The natural human instinct is to attribute positive outcomes to one’s own competencies and bad outcomes to a random misfortune. A poker player who wish to progress with this sort of attitude will find themselves at the mercy of seasoned poker players who have the keen ability to spot amateurs with their weaker points and beat them out of the game. The tendency to over value one’s skills or under value mistakes can make a significant dent on the impression of individual playing styles. Therefore it is imperative as a novice player to learn the value of statistical analysis in poker. By reviewing all the hands you have already been dealt with you can learn a lot about your own style of playing and get a better feel about the table.

Here are some trouble hands that novice players should not play pre-flop. The thumb of rule for newbie’s is to wait until they gain more experience before testing their luck in winning from the following mentioned hands.

Pair of Jacks

The best recommended course of action when you get a pair of jacks is to fold. However, if you insist on giving it a try, you should call the betting on the first round without raising. If you want to flop try to keep the cost running at a low key.

A King and a Ten

Even the most seasoned players who are dealt with these two muck it at their best. But novices tend to get enamored when faced with the King and play it. The best option here is to fold pre-flop. If a player is dealt top pair following the flop, chances are that the PokerStars.it player will not be alone in the situation. On the other hand the chances of receiving a straight would be very slim. A player can easily lose out on the entire stack while they wait for a straight that never materialize.

An Ace and a Ten

Go for flop a top pair whenever you see this combination. Caution is necessary if other players are calling through this flop and trying to raise. They may have been dealt a better hand, the same pair or even trips.

General information concerning Pop rock bands

Pop music started off from the famous Rock n Roll progression of the mid nineties. In fact, the term ‘pop’ is just short form for popular. Pop bands utilize various musical styles copied from several other music categories; they blend in popular beats and rhythms of other genres to come up with their own much more interesting musical act.

Pop bands focus on what teenagers currently value in their lives as the most important trends both musically and fashion wise. They combine such trends in an intricate way such that their dressing, choice of language and music tunes all merge up to form a unique blend of music that can’t be marched to any other.

Most pop rock bands make use of ‘minimalism’ which implies ease and dedication without embellishment to any fundamental universal rock structure. This concurrently implies easy accessibility, acquaintance and reputed marketability. They exhibit a solemn and melodious exhibition of youthful art through their music which is usually accepted and admired by teens all over the world since message focuses on particular themes shared by all of them.

Nowadays, pop rock bands make use of impressive and quite inclusive range of international soundtracks which take an inventive methodology towards the complex and dynamic music genres and space, to present an authentic international appraisal of the authority and happiness of this trendy music as it comes in its diverse categories.

Rock songs are one of the leading groups of underground music that are closely linked to Hip Hop as both of them advanced from R&B melodies. This particular form of music was regarded for emphasizing on specific musical sub-cultures and it sets particular emphasis up on creative values along with ‘legitimacy’ stressed on live shows combined with instrumental and standard vocal virtuosity. This is viewed as an extremely encapsulating musical progression instead of merely reflecting upon existing drifts.

Nonetheless, numerous pop n rock band songs have been quite identical in resonance, instrumentation along with poetic content. Some individuals have further referred to this genre of music as a contemporary upbeat enhancement of standard rock. Generally, pop & rock bands may not have tremendous commercial prowess but they are lauded for their artistic credit. Pop & Rock bands began gaining popularity in the mid 70’s as an alternative to the then famous hip-hop music. The songs comprise between two and three stanzas that had minor choruses for purposes of breaking before evolving to the current status.

Pop & Rock bands are generally comprised of three to four members with one acting as the key singer and others playing ‘backup’ role. While they generally get audience from theatre shows, pop rock bands may further incorporate main stream recording to their projects for maximum recognition. Moreover, these groups can further be endorsed by several corporate organizations that are interested in their popularity. Such institutions provide financial assistance to bands in exchange for marketing campaigns that would be carried out by the group on behalf of the corporate establishment. Nonetheless pop rock band marketing should be focused on products related to this music genre, particularly teenager’s merchandise.